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  • You want to have a lucrative side hustle
  • You could use an extra $2,000 to $10,000+ per month in passive income
  • You constantly think about quitting your job and living life on your own terms
  • You dream of traveling around the world while earning nonstop with just a laptop and cell phone
  • Your goal is to impact people as part of a mission that’s already helping millions
  • You want to be backed by the top training platform to support your success and wealth
  • You are a hard worker who is ready to finally make the money you DESERVE

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LightSpeed VT is already used by over 50,000 businesses to train better, improve employee retention, increase customer satisfaction, and save money. Now, WE WANT TO PAY YOU to help spread the word about our interactive training platform.

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With our proprietary interactive video training and robust reporting features, LightSpeed VT is the training platform of choice for thousands of companies.

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LightSpeed VT is looking for a few good men and women to team up with us in our battle against mediocrity.

We believe that with the right training we can annihilate the AVERAGE. We inspire people to learn by delivering the most innovative, engaging and reliable training solution in the World.


Who Do I Talk To?

  • Anyone who needs to train people better! From small businesses to big companies, franchises and corporations!
  • Any business owner who struggles with how to better train their staff, sales teams, distributors, or brand representatives
  • An HR professional who is tired of constant turnover

Meet Brad Lea,
Commander in Chief

Brad is a self-made entrepreneur. With over 25 years in sales & marketing and after training and motivating thousands worldwide, Brad realized that he was spinning his wheels. He was traveling non-stop, saying the same thing over and over and the only thing that was changing were the faces in the room.

Brad knew there had to be a better, more effective way to train and communicate. He realized that in order to truly learn anything… there had to be repetition, practice and ongoing accountability.

In 2000, Brad decided to create a solution that would allow him to better train his clients and deliver the value he was being paid for. Well, he did it. It worked so well he decided to completely change his business model and share the solution with the world. LightSpeed VT was born.

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